Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mar Mar on a 4 wheeler at my aunt and uncle's cabin, we had so much fun there!!

Mauri and I riding a mini three wheeler at our friends house!

Mar Mar enjoying some cotton candy!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A 3 year old's dream come true!

So for about the last month Mauri's goal in life has been to convince me to let her pee on the lawn. She will ask me at least three times a week, as she is pulling her pants down if she can pee on the lawn. So I tell her that she can not pee on the lawn, that girls pee in the toilet. Well yesterday her dream came true. NO, I did not give her permission to pee on the lawn. She stared to pull down her pants and then she asked me if she could please pee on the lawn, just as she actually started peeing on the sidewalk! When she got done she said, "yeah, girls can pee on the lawn too mom!" Oh my gosh she is so funny! She totally makes me laugh everyday! I love that little girl so dang much. And actually I am a little jealous of her ability to pee on the lawn. Because for anyone who has ever gone camping with me, knows that I have to have a toilet to pee in. I HAVE to camp in a spot that has bathrooms, or I can't go! I have never been able to "pee in the bushes" when we are camping. You Go Mar!!!

Sunday Wipeout

So this past Sunday at church, I took Mauri on one of our usual bathroom trips. She likes to be in the stall all herself so I was standing out side of the stall by the bathroom sink and step stool. Mauri asked if I was still there and I was like "Yeah Mar I am right here" I took one of my legs and stuck it between the step stool and the garbage, so that my foot would go underneath the stall. So here I am in my tall church shoes standing on one foot, when all of the sudden out of nowhere the foot I was standing on totally gave way!!!! Yeah so I totally fell on my back in the freakin church bathroom floor! I was totally sprawled all over the floor. I layed there for a sec and started cracking up, very relieved that no one was in the bathroom to see my major wipeout! Goodnight Nurse!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Family photo

Nursery Drama

I sometimes go to nursery with Mauri during Sunday school before I go to Young Womens. Well yesterday we we playing in nursery and the leaders said that it was clean up time. So we all started cleaning up while singing the "Clean Up" song ( which is more annoying than it is helpful). Mar was doing a great job cleaning up, she was picking up a lot of toys. Mauri noticed that this little girl still had a toy in her hand so Mar took it from her to put in the toy box. Well this other little girl go upset and hit Mar (Mauri, suprisingly did not her back, which is a major shocker). Mar started crying and threw herself on the floor. By the time I made it to her she got up and sprang for the door. She opened that door so fast and started bookin it down the dang hall, crying all the while. And here I am in my ever so tall church shoes so it's not like I could actually run after her. When I finally came to she was clear on the other side of the dang church sulking in a corner. People were politely laughing at the drama fest. Anywho, I told her that I was proud that she did such a great job picking up the toys in nursery but that the other girl didn't know that Mar was picking the toys up. She cracks me up every single day. Thank goodness my husband came at that time and she was able to go back to nursery.