Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Good Example

The other day I could not find my cell phone. Glendon was out of town so I couldn't just ask him to call my phone. After like 20 minutes of looking, I sat down and was thinking of where I had it last, did I make a call while I was out, etc. I was really afraid that it had fallen out of my purse when I was at the store. Mauri asked what I was looking for so I told her that I couldn't find my cell phone. She then came over and sat down on the couch with me and started rubbing my back and said, "Don't worry mom it will be ok." Then she said to me, "Mom, we should say a prayer to find your phone." So she said a prayer that we would find my phone. No joke like 2 minutes later I checked for my phone in my car and sure enough my phone was there!!! I am very grateful for my little 4 year old's wonderful example. Thanks Mar!!!

A Real Giant

The other day Glendon, Mauri and I went to Maceys. We got done shopping so then we went to the checkout. There was another person in front of us, so we just started putting our groceries on the counter. Well... our checker was a lady who was very tall ( and also a bit bigger sized). Mauri all the sudden points and yells "Look mom, a Real Giant." I was so nervous that the checker was going to hear her so I tried to distract Mar by pointing out the various items at the checkout line. Mar did not go for that she just kept pointing and saying, "But mom, a real giant" I then tried to explain to her that people don't really like being called a giant. She did not get that. Mauri was just thrilled to actually see a "Real Giant". I don't think the checker heard her, but my deepest apologies if she did. Mauri is so funny it cracks me up what she says. I am so glad to be her mom and get to hear funny things from her all day long.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Funny Memory

Every time I go to my family's house I always take Center street. Every time I am driving up that street I think of a funny story, here it goes.... When I was in High school I worked at a Sandwich and Pizza Place. One night when I was working there I was getting ready to go home and a girl asked if she could get a ride home with me. ( This girl had just recently moved to there) I was driving her home ( taking Center street) and she was like, "oh turn down this street, my house is down here." So I turned down the street and we kept driving and she said, " oh it's not on this street it's the next one." So I turned onto the next street. We kept driving for a bit and again she said, "Oh it's not this street either, but it's one of these streets around here." So I proceeded to drive up and down and back several streets looking for her house (It was dark, I'll give her that). Finally on one of my rounds up and down the street, she said, "Oh it's this house right here." So she got out and I drove home and didn't really think another thought about it, The next time I went to work this girl came up to me and was like, " Oh Lindsay, please forgive me, I totally lied to you." And I was just like thinking, Huh, what the goin on. She then told me that she had totally forgot where the heck her house was and after driving around for a little while she just totally picked some random house and told me it was hers. I asked her what the heck she did next and how she found her ACTUAL house. Ha, ha ha. She told me that she just walked around the several blocks that we had been driving through and finally found her real house. Ha ha ha. This story cracks me up every time I think about it. Too Funny!!

Friday, March 6, 2009


More Mauri


Oh I can not believe our little Mauri McKell is 4 years old. She is so funny and a sweet little girler (Mar's word for Girl). She has us laughing all the time. We love her so much. Here are some cute pictures of her when she was little.


Hello All !!!!
I have not updated my blog in forever!! We have been very busy lately. Starting in August my work was short on nurses so they asked if I could fill in until they hired new nurses and had them trained, so I was working 4 days a week (instead of 2)from Aug-Dec. Now I am back to 2 days a week which is great!!! Glendon also got a new job and we are so happy for him. We also moved!!! We are settled in, and I will be posting more often!!