Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Peanut Gallery

So the other day Mauri and I were giving her doll a bath and out of the total blue she said: " Mom esserday I pinched Tristan's Peanuts." Ha Ha ok so what happened is this... Tristan is our nephew ( Glendon's sister's little boy who is five). Tristan was visiting this summer and he and Mauri were sitting at the counter eating lunch and Tristan said that he needed to use the bathroom. Mauri was like "Oh I help you". So she goes in to the bathroom and he puts the toilet seat up. Well our ever helpful Mauri was like "oh not like that" and put the toilet seat down, yep the toilet seat smashed down right on his little member (Ouch,so sorry Tristan). Anyway he cried but then was ok and they were still friends. I just thought it was funny ( I am laughing even as I type this) that she thought of that after several months. Oh my gosh she cracks me up everyday, Dang I love that little Mauri!!!!!

Mauri close ups

We had our camera out this morning, I was taking Pictures of Mar in her new swim suit from Vera ( Nando's mom). Then she was laying in my lap and wanted me to take her picture. Everyday she cracks me up.

Mauri close ups

Mauri and Casey

Erica's boyfriend is Casey. Mauri absolutely LOVES LOVES Casey!!! Anytime we are at my mom's house Mar is always playing with Er and Casey. Er and Casey are so SWEET to play with her. There is a primary song called Happy Family ( I love mommy she loves me... you get the idea) Whenever we sing that song Mauri always adds Casey to the song. The other night Mar woke up in the night crying. I went in to her room and laid down with her and she was all like I want my Casey. She is so stinkin cute!!!!! Here are some pictures of Casey reading Mauri a story.

More Shooting

Just some more pics of shooting


A few weeks ago Me Glendon, Amber and Ry, Casey and Er, Myke, and my father in law Dale went out shooting! We had way fun YAY! We shot shot guns, 22 and hand guns. We had a really great time! I love spending time with my family. We need to go shooting again before it gets too cold.

Nando visiting

Nando was a foreign exchange student when Glendon was a senior in high school. Nando is from Brazil. He and Glendon are still very close, Glendon went to Brazil for a month when he graduated high school. We love when Nando comes to visit. This time he brought a friend, her name is Gabriella (we all called her Gabs) she is so darling. Mauri loved spending time with them. We went to Park City and we had a blast!! I will need to get more pics from Nando cause some of my pics came out blurry because there was a spot on my camera. Any way here are some pics that are non blurry from when Nando was here.

Mar asleep under her bed

Cute little mar mar fell asleep under her bed. She is so dang cute and funny. We are so glad that she is our little girl!

Mauri's first day of preschool

Mar started preschool at the end of August. She went last year too. She is such a doll!! She is so smart, she can count to 39!!!!! You go Girl!!

Rock Climbing

Here are some pictures of when we went Rock Climbing with my work ( I work two days a week at a Dr office, It's very fun) WE had a great time rock climbing! I have not been rock climbing since I was in young womens. I really am not a big fan of heights but I was like this will not be scary cause I have a harness. As I was almost to the top I realized that I really did not know how to get the heck down (fine times to realize this. It was at this point that I started to get very nervous. After calling down to Glendon he told me how to get back down, and man was I glad to be back on the ground.
Glendon and I had a blast, I didn't even drop him when I was belaying him!!