Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mauri and Casey

Erica's boyfriend is Casey. Mauri absolutely LOVES LOVES Casey!!! Anytime we are at my mom's house Mar is always playing with Er and Casey. Er and Casey are so SWEET to play with her. There is a primary song called Happy Family ( I love mommy she loves me... you get the idea) Whenever we sing that song Mauri always adds Casey to the song. The other night Mar woke up in the night crying. I went in to her room and laid down with her and she was all like I want my Casey. She is so stinkin cute!!!!! Here are some pictures of Casey reading Mauri a story.


rybyu49 said...

That is too cute! I hadn't heard the story about how she woke up in the night & wanted Casey! She loves him - and he's so cute with her! I love that 2nd picture where they are both just grinning! (I'm hearing her cute little voice in my head right now saying: "Casey!" in that cute way that she says it!)

Lindsay Lowder said...

Yeah, she sure loves Casey. He and Erica are so cute with her!