Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rock Climbing

Here are some pictures of when we went Rock Climbing with my work ( I work two days a week at a Dr office, It's very fun) WE had a great time rock climbing! I have not been rock climbing since I was in young womens. I really am not a big fan of heights but I was like this will not be scary cause I have a harness. As I was almost to the top I realized that I really did not know how to get the heck down (fine times to realize this. It was at this point that I started to get very nervous. After calling down to Glendon he told me how to get back down, and man was I glad to be back on the ground.
Glendon and I had a blast, I didn't even drop him when I was belaying him!!

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Brittany Wright said...

Linds, I'm so glad you posted more! You are so cute and I'm glad you had fun rock climbing.