Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A 3 year old's dream come true!

So for about the last month Mauri's goal in life has been to convince me to let her pee on the lawn. She will ask me at least three times a week, as she is pulling her pants down if she can pee on the lawn. So I tell her that she can not pee on the lawn, that girls pee in the toilet. Well yesterday her dream came true. NO, I did not give her permission to pee on the lawn. She stared to pull down her pants and then she asked me if she could please pee on the lawn, just as she actually started peeing on the sidewalk! When she got done she said, "yeah, girls can pee on the lawn too mom!" Oh my gosh she is so funny! She totally makes me laugh everyday! I love that little girl so dang much. And actually I am a little jealous of her ability to pee on the lawn. Because for anyone who has ever gone camping with me, knows that I have to have a toilet to pee in. I HAVE to camp in a spot that has bathrooms, or I can't go! I have never been able to "pee in the bushes" when we are camping. You Go Mar!!!


rybyu49 said...

Way to go Mar! That is so funny that she always wants to pee on the lawn! And she finally got her wish! What a cutie!

The Perkins Fam said...

I applaud her talent! I tend to think sometimes bushes would have been better than those drop pots up Payson canyon!

Allred Gang said...

Hey, that's hilarious. And be thankful she only wants to pee on the lawn. We've done #2 on the lawn. ew!