Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sunday Wipeout

So this past Sunday at church, I took Mauri on one of our usual bathroom trips. She likes to be in the stall all herself so I was standing out side of the stall by the bathroom sink and step stool. Mauri asked if I was still there and I was like "Yeah Mar I am right here" I took one of my legs and stuck it between the step stool and the garbage, so that my foot would go underneath the stall. So here I am in my tall church shoes standing on one foot, when all of the sudden out of nowhere the foot I was standing on totally gave way!!!! Yeah so I totally fell on my back in the freakin church bathroom floor! I was totally sprawled all over the floor. I layed there for a sec and started cracking up, very relieved that no one was in the bathroom to see my major wipeout! Goodnight Nurse!


rybyu49 said...

Oh my heck how funny! You seriously crack me up!! That is lucky that no one else was in there! Tee hee!

The Perkins Fam said...

A picture of that would have been awesome!! A video....even better!! I'm just wondering how Mauri reacted??

Lindsay Lowder said...

Tee hee I am such a nerd, Mar was like mom was that you, ha ha